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Ultimate Guide to Becoming a READER ✓

Are you wanting to become a reader? Dream Daily has got you covered! Getting started is the hardest part, but soon enough you will be in love with the feeling! 

Starting questions to ask yourself: 

  • Fiction vs. Nonfiction- Are you wanting to learn something new or think deeply? Try fiction. Do you want to escape into another world and get lost there for a bit? Try NonFiction.
  •  Figure out what genre you enjoy reading!- This may take some trial and error, and it will take time! Asses what type of movies or TV shows you enjoy watching! 🎬

Setting a routine.

    • Make it a discipline! Start by creating the habit of at least reading 10 pages daily. If all you get to that day is a minimum of 10, great! If you are sucked in and want to read more, even better!⏰
    • If you are not enjoying the book after a few chapters, that's okay! Try a different book! Life is too short to read a book you do not like! 

    Where to get books!📚
      • Libraries
      • Electronic books- Libby, Kindle, Amazon prime
      • Local book shops
      • Secondhand stores


      Build a community and track your progress! ☑︎

      • Download Goodreads and follow your friends to see what your friends are reading and the progress they are making.
      • Use a book tracker to help motivate you and track your reading progress.
      • Join a book club! 
      • Follow book tiktokers and youtubers. 

      Reading can be educational, encouraging, or challenging, but most of all it should be enjoyable! It may take some discipline in the beginning, but reading can be a hobby you look forward to. Happy reading dreamers!

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