Sometimes life is just hard, plain and simple, but girl, have I got the secret for you! 

Having a positive mindset is what changes it all. You may ask “How do I achieve this positive mindset?” Well, it takes intention. 👀

Just like in the Dream Achieve Workbook, you have to set intentions and plan to bring in positivity. Going out into the day just saying “I'm going to be positive” is being flippant about your attitude. 🤷🏽‍♀️

For example, when you feel like negativity is sweeping over you, remind yourself what you are grateful for! Ask yourself and find the good things that have happened to you today. Maybe you have a mantra or Bible verse that you can have ready as your weapon against negativity. Either way, having a positive mindset is a difficult choice to make but overall it's absolutely worth it. 🤩

Some ways that I keep myself in a positive mindset is to go for a long drive, watch other girl bosses do their thing, read, or talk to my friends and family to hash out my ideas for inspiration. ✨

There are so many ways to keep positive!
What are your top three ways of keeping in your positive mindset and what are some habits you can change to increase your positivity? ☀️

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