Kiss Sunday scaries goodbye by adding in these actions to your Sunday routine!

✨-Start with what you love! We get so caught up in the week pleasing other's and our own to-dos that it can seem so indulgent taking a morning for ourselves. Now's your time! Ride with your friends to church or read a book with breakfast for example.

✨- Make a list. It's so basic but so therapeutic to put your bustling mind on paper. Make a note list (or even better use your Workbook;) and write down the main tasks you need to accomplish the coming week.

✨-Don't work on those tasks! Unless they are super urgent, try to only plan for your week ahead and don't start working on that list.

✨-Unplug. We are glued to our phone during the week looking out for work emails or urgent messages so take some intentional time to turn off social media notification or set your phone away.

✨-Do something fun Sunday night! It can be easy to stress yourself out Sunday evenings with that list we just wrote down. BUT if you make some fun plans like a group dinner, bowling, or movie night then you'll be too busy to overthink. I'm actually taking tap classes (yes dancing lol) Sunday evenings and am SO pumped!

✨-Of course... self-care! We all love taking a bit of extra time on our nighttime skincare routine, taking a bath, or making some yummy treats is a great way to end the week.


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