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How to Reset Monthly in 5 Steps

A new month means a fresh start, and we are all for new beginnings at Dream Daily! Preparing for the month can feel overwhelming, but in five quick steps, you can be refreshed and excited for the month ahead! 

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#1 Reflect on last month🪞

Take 5 minutes to think back on the past month. Write down your highs and lows, what you loved about it, and what you want to change for next month. Jot down 5 small goals to work towards for next month! 

#2 Budget 💰

Check in and see how you did with your budget last month. Were you over or under your designated amounts? What does your budget look like next month? In what areas do you want to do better in saving or spending? Is there a specific area you need to set money aside for? Write it out!

#3 Cleaning 🧼

Plan ahead what needs to be cleaned! Maybe it’s your bathroom, closet, or the junk drawer you haven't touched in months (we’ve all been there). Plan when you are going to set aside time to get those done! 


#4 Favorites 💕

Track your favorites from the month before! Whether that is house-related, makeup, clothing, or a TV show, it’s fun to write down things that brought you joy the past month!

#5 Yearly goals ✓

Take a quick look at the goals you set for the entire year. Where are you at in achieving those? What can you do this upcoming month to take small steps toward them? 

Get excited! You are ready for all that is ahead this upcoming month. Do not be afraid of it! Face it head-on! Dream big this month!!

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