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How to LOVE your Mondays

Got a case of the Sunday Scaries? Monday’s get a bad reputation, but by doing prep work Sunday, you can learn to LOVE your Mondays! 


 1. Plan- Go into the week with a game plan. 🧸

  •  Make sure you know all the week's events, to-do’s, and obligations. Write it down so nothing goes unnoticed! 
  • Look back at your Monthly Reset and plan what you will do this week specifically to help you better achieve your big goals!
  • Take inventory of what food you have, and plan possible meals for the week! Use Dream Daily’s Weekly Meal Planner so you have a clear vision for the upcoming week of food!
  • Make sure that you are aware of any appointments scheduled for this, and take note of what appointments you need to schedule still!
  • Plan a Monday morning routine! Create a rhythm that you look forward to doing the next morning. Maybe it's time journaling or a new coffee recipe. Whatever makes you excited to get up on a Monday morning!




2. Prepare- You are preparing to fail by failing to prepare.💌
  • Now that this week’s events are planned and you are aware of what the upcoming week holds, do the smaller tasks that will make the events go smoother! 
  • Maybe that is packing your gym bag or running a load of clothes that you know you will need later this week. Take the time now at the beginning of the week to do the smaller mundane tasks that will help relieve stress later on!
  • Follow up on scheduled events. Text your friend you are meeting for coffee on Tuesday and confirm that the time and place still work or send a follow-up email for an unanswered message from last week!
  • Run the errands that will make you feel most prepped for the week! Go pick up the last few grocery items that will complete your meal prep. 


3. Play- Prioritize time for you this upcoming week! No matter how much there is going on this week, plan time for yourself this week!📚

  • Take a few minutes to journal, reflect on last week, and set intentions for the upcoming one. 
  • Use the Sunday Reset to reflect on last week and set intentions for the next one. 
  • Plan time designated reading time for yourself. Track your reading progress with Dream Daily’s Monthly Book Tracker. 

A Sunday reset ritual is the best way to ensure you are prepared and excited for Monday and the week ahead! Why waste time dreading Monday when you could learn to love them? 

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