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How to Effortlessly Achieve the Clean Girl Aesthetic

The clean girl aesthetic has quickly become the “It Girl” look.  Having a simplistic style, glowy makeup, and an aesthetic skin-care routine can seem difficult and unachievable. Mimicking the clean girl look can be a chore, completely defeating the whole purpose of the aesthetic - to appear effortlessly elegant, casual, and fresh.  🕊

The clean girl aesthetic highlights 3-hour journaling sessions and elaborate skincare rituals, but few people ACTUALLY have the money and time to spare. Let’s break down a few simple ways to emanate the clean girl aesthetic effortlessly.  💌


Start small 

 Whether that's with a  skincare routine or setting aside a small amount of time to get a workout in, start with what you know you are able to achieve.

For example, if your schedule is only allowing you to have designated reading time once a week, start with once a week. If you can only buy a cleanser and a moisturizer for your skincare routine, start there. 🧖🏻‍♀️



 Keep it under three steps 💭

Maybe you are starting a morning routine or creating a habit of cleaning up your space once a day. For a morning routine maybe that means step one is making your bed, step two is a five-minute journaling session, and step three is reviewing your schedule and goals for the day.

Three steps are approachable - the LAST thing you want when implementing habits is to be overwhelmed!

Less is more. 

You do not need to go and buy EVERY viral clean girl product or lounge set. Start with what you already own. Minimalism is at the core of the aesthetic. More often than not, the items you own can be reimagined and paired with other things to fit the vibe you are going for. 

When it comes to routines and rituals, the fewer the steps the easier it is to do the routines daily! As we said, starting with three steps is attainable!



Plan ahead.

What is the key to looking put together? - Planning ahead. It can be as easy as sitting down Sunday night and mapping out your week or having a monthly reset. Your schedule, goals, and to-dos. Knowing what's coming and preparing for it, makes for an effortless week. 


 The clean girl aesthetic is ALL about self-care and wellness, so do what makes YOU feel fresh and put together. It is all in the little things! 🧺

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