3 Steps to Waking Up Earlier


How many times have you said, “ I just need to start waking up earlier”? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Been there, done that. What if we told you that becoming an early bird is not as challenging as you may think? By setting clear intentions and making them approachable and achievable, anyone can be an early riser! These are three easy steps to take when working to wake up earlier. 



Have a goal in mind. 💭

Why are you wanting to wake up earlier? Is there something you were hoping to achieve during that time? Maybe you want to journal or do devotionals for 30 minutes, or maybe that is the only time in the day you have to work out. Whatever it is, set an intentional and achievable goal. Waking up early is challenging enough, and expecting yourself to achieve this huge goal and get a long list of things done is not realistic. Like all goals, dream big but start small!

Create a routine you LOVE waking up to. 

The best way to start waking up earlier is to have something to look forward to. At Dream Daily, we love our coffee and reading time in the morning, but for you maybe it's your walk with your dog or a fun workout class. It will look different for everyone, but make sure you build a rhythm and routine that is exciting and helpful. ☕️



Commit to a small amount of time. 

Deciding one day that you are going to become an early bird sounds simple enough but after a couple of days of attempting a new wake-up time, most people tend to find keeping it up challenging. Commit to 5 days or 2 weeks or a month, whatever works for you, but have a time frame in mind. Having an endpoint is helpful in pushing you to stay committed and disciplined. Once you come to the end of your committed time, challenge yourself to go longer, or designate certain days of the week to commit to. 

Waking up early can be an easy and beneficial habit if approached the right way! Remember it takes time to adjust and for it to go from a habit to a lifestyle. 

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