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3 Areas to Spring Clean Life ☼

Spring is a perfect reminder of new beginnings and fresh starts! What better way to kick off the spring season than with spring cleaning? Let's walk through three areas to spring clean your life!


What does spring cleaning your mind mean? 🧠

Make time for yourself and your mental health. This will look different for everyone, but here are some of our favorite mind-clearing activities for you to try this spring. 

  • Create a New Playlist 🎧
  • Meditation - Free meditations on Youtube or Spotify. 
  • Journaling- Try out our Dreamer Journal.
  • Digital Detox
  • Find a new book to read 📚 - Track your progress with our Monthly Book Tracker.
  • Change up your routine- Try something new.




Spring cleaning your body is more than just a good shower… that’s part of it… but there is more!! It is important to push yourself, test your limits, and try something new, and spring cleaning your body involves improving your full body wellness. Of course, this is ultra-personalized but these are the ones we will be implementing! 

  • Try a new recipe - Psssst… it's smoothie season 🍓
  • Get outside - Go for a walk or sit and read!
  • Try a new workout 🏋🏻‍♀️
  • Upgrade your beauty products - Switch a few things out.
  • Full body, long, self-care shower 🛁



Typically when someone says spring cleaning, they think of cleaning up their home! Having a clutter-free and fresh living space WILL help you feel refreshed and reset for spring! 

  • Declutter 🧺 - Ask yourself  “Is this something I would buy today?”
  • Add some non-toxic cleaning products
  • Buy some fresh flowers 💐
  • Open your window or try an Air Purifier
  • Change your air and water filters 

Feeling reset, clean, and prepped for this spring does not need to be overwhelming or daunting. Dedicate some time to try out one, two, or a few of these spring cleaning ideas!

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