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10 Ways to Level Up Your Life

When life starts to feel mundane and redundant, there are always ways to change it and keep it energized. Add all of these to your routine or just add one, up to you! Here are 10 quick ways to level up your life!

1. Time Outside

Get some sunshine and fresh air by walking or sitting in the sun in the morning. Sunlight gives us more energy and helps wake us up, so whether it is a mid-workday walk to get ready for the second half of the day or an early morning jog, get outside! 

2. Make mindful purchases 

Do your research and be conscious of sales. Think about your purchases for a few days and ensure they are ones you will love and want to keep for more than a year! Be specific and picky about what you’re buying, not impulsive. 

3. Make a coffee at home 

It’s fun, a brain break during the day, and it saves money. 

4. No work after 6 pm and no work on Sundays

Have a day when you do not even open your laptop because rest is a priority. You will work better and more effectively during your designated work times because you give yourself time to relax and build a life outside of work!

5. Journaling

We highly recommend the Dreamer Journal because it has a few pages at the front to get you started. The important thing is to check in with yourself, how are you REALLY feeling? Reflect on where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. 

6. Limit your screen time

You can do this in your settings, and even if you ignore the screen limit reminder, at least you are being more conscious of how much time you spend on the app. Maybe you need to take one day off of social media a week, or one week a month. 

7. Hydrate

We know… the cliche “Drink more water”, but it is SO important to stay hydrated and there are so many cute water bottles to choose from. Take it with you everywhere so you are never caught without it.

8. Learn how to do your makeup and hair

Learn the basics! Maybe makeup has never been your thing, but there are TONS of videos on YouTube that can teach you. The same goes for hair, learning to style your own hair and makeup can help you feel put together and simplify your life because you have the basics. 

9. Read before bed 

Use the Dream Daily Monthly Book Tracker to keep count of your books and how far you have come! It is a fun hobby to pick up and has nothing to do with work or your life. It is a great way to wind down from the day and keep you off of your phone. 

10. Set Quarterly Goals

Check in monthly and weekly on your goals. Sometimes monthly goals are too short of time, but yearly goals can feel overwhelming and too hard to stay on track with. Quarterly goals are approachable and effective. Set anywhere from 1-5 goals per quarter, and every week figuring out what small thing you could complete that week to reach your goals.

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